We provide unsurpassed hospitality and experiences of exceptional quality while being a home away from home for our Members, Guests, and Employees. 


We aspire to create “Pride in Belonging” for Members and Employees by enriching their lives through nurturing relationships, providing enduring value and practicing sound financial and strategic planning. We would like to be recognized in our market as "best in class" in order to successfully attract and retain Members and Employees. 



FAMILY - We are bonded in a common purpose; the genuine welfare of the Members and Employees of the Club.

INTEGRITY and CHARACTER - Trust, respect, perseverance, creativity and compassion are traits that define how we act.

EXCELLENCE - A commitment to exceptional standards and a dedication to hire and train the “Best of the Best.”

HOSPITALITY and SERVICE - We embrace the passion and dedication to serve and exceed expectations.


“P“ - Personalized Service - Treating everyone the same by treating them differently.

“R” - Recognition and Acceptance - Where everyone knows your name and where    everyone feels accepted, connected and comfortable.

“I” - Involvement and Communication - Encourage input, feedback, participation and engagement as we listen, learn and serve.

“D” - Developing Relationships - A circle of friends and stewards of the Cashiers/Highlands Plateau.

“E” - Education and Growth - Provide an environment for our Employees to better themselves and seek opportunities to enhance the Member Experience. 

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